Sep 24, 2012

Update on Mini Six in print

Not the news a few of you are hoping to read, but we haven't made any significant progress on the Lulu version.

I expected to have more time available immediately for this project, but that hasn't worked out.

I will update as soon as we get a firm timetable set. If nothing happens within the next few weeks I will at least let you guys know that there's no news.

Sorry about that.

Update: Mini Six is available in print from

Sep 8, 2012

The State of Mini Six

We sold out of the full print run of Mini Six. I know that it's not an amazing number of books, at about 1000 over the last two years, but we really only expected to sell about 100. We had the booklets printed locally, and by far the largest expense was shipping, especially when we factor in that the USPS apparently lost or mangled about one in four of the shipped packages. So those 1000 books didn't represent 1000 sales, it was closer to about 800 units sold. (We gave some to our friends as well.)

We started out with a planned run of 100 books, then at Phil's insistence we upped our order to 300, then to 1000. I read before that small press things like this are lucky to sell a hundred copies in a year, so I think we did well. Nothing we've done is actually aimed at making a profit, and we've hit that mark exactly.

We never planned to sit on it and do nothing for so long, but that's how it turned out. I could list all the mundane details that got in the way of our good intentions. We've started about six or seven projects that have dead-ended over the last two years.

In the larger industry deadlines slip all the time, and the same could be said for us except that we try hard to not announce anything until it's done. If you've followed Mini Six for awhile, you will surely have noticed that we haven't had much to say about it. Sorry about that. I will try to update things here once in awhile, even if it's just to say that there's no news.

On to future plans, and this one is pretty minor so I don't mind announcing it in advance. We're laying out Mini Six (and trying to catch some more of those typos that are everywhere) to make it available in print over at I don't know what the price will be, but we're going to place our cut at zero or very close to it, so it will be as cheap as we can get it. I expect this to be finished and live within a week, plus or minus a few days.

After that we will be done with the upkeep of Mini Six, and we'll be ready for new challenges.

Sep 3, 2012

We're coming out of stasis at the moment. We don't have any special plans to announce because we're lazy, and things will be announced only when they're done.

But boy oh boy, do we know that Mini Six sure needs to be fixed up!

Update: Oops! All the links are broken. I'm fixing it now.

2nd update: I think I got them all fixed.