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For Mini Six:

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Stormglass by Ron Fricke

Stormglass is inspired by Stargate and cowboys, with a dash of Victorian exploration. You can find it hosted at


Rocket Rangers by Kevin Scrivner

It's a light-hearted pulp science fantasy campaign inspired by comics such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, the Mars and Venus novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and sci-fi movies and television shows from the 1950s and ‘60s such as Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, and Captain Video. The focus is on fun and excitement rather than scientific accuracy. Crazy retro gadgets, weird creatures, sexy alien princesses (or princes), and unlikely civilizations are all par for the course.

Zombies Ate my Best Man by Ryan Rotuna

"After a late night of beer drinking and card playing with the boys, you go over and turn on the TV as the guys are all helping to clean up. Every channel is either an emergency broadcast message repeated over and over again or a news program reporting on the current “situation”. It appears that there has been unprecedented, spontaneous rioting in many American cities. With first reports coming in at around dusk, all people within the viewing area are advised to stay inside and wait for police and National Guard assistance…"