About the Mini Six Standard Trademark License

Purpose: Mini Six is a variant of the OpenD6 system and like it's parent is licensed under the Open Game License (OGL). Within the terms of that license anyone may use, reprint, modify, or translate Mini Six. Your rights under the OGL are not discussed here. What the OGL in Mini Six Bare Bones edition doesn't grant you the right to do is to use the trademark "Mini Six" which is property of AntiPaladin Games. The Mini Six Standard Trademark License (MSSTL) permits third party publishers and creators the use of the Mini Six Trademark under a few stipulations.

Say What? The system was published under the Open Game License. That alone allows you to do all sorts of cool things with Mini Six without our permission. What the OGL doesn't allow you to do is to claim that your work is Mini Six compatible. The Mini Six Standard Trademark License fixes that.


The Mini Six Standard Trademark License (Version 1.0)
You are permitted to use the Mini Six trademark in accordance with the following terms:
1: You agree that the Mini Six trademark is property of AntiPaladin Games, and you will not contest such ownership. 

2: You must comply with the Open Game License as found in Mini Six Bare Bones Edition.

3: You must include the following in a prominent location on either the front cover or first page of your work: "Mini Six is a trademark of AntiPaladin Games." The font must be legible and clearly visible. For works that are without pagination, (e.g. text files or similar), the declaration must be somewhere within the first ten lines of text.

4: This is a non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, royalty-free license.

5: In the event that you use "Mini Six" as part of (or in whole as) the title or subtitle of your published work you must obtain the written consent of AntiPaladin Games, which may be reached at unless you also indicate that your work is unofficial in said title or subtitle. Permission is not required to use the phrases "Mini Six compatible," "variant of Mini Six," "Mini Six variant," "modified version of Mini Six,"  "based on Mini Six," "adapted from Mini Six," "requires the use of Mini Six," "Mini Six translation," or "translation of Mini Six." These phrases may be translated into any language.

6: At your option you may say nice things about us and direct your readers to our website at

7: You will not refer to Mini Six as "MiniSix," "Mini 6," "M6," Mini D6," "Mr. Flibble," or "Dorothy."

8: Be cool.
This is the end of the Mini Six Standard Trademark License



Q: Do I have to include the text of the Mini Six Standard Trademark License in my work?
A: No.

Q: If I use the Mini Six Standard Trademark License and the Open Game License, does that mean that I can reprint, modify, or make use of everything contained in Mini Six Bare Bones Edition?
A: Almost. Neither the MSSTL nor the OGL grant the use of any artwork or logos from the book, with the exception of the OpenD6 logo which is property of West End Games / Purgatory Publishing. Use of the OpenD6 logo is detailed in the OGL and is not an issue on which AntiPaladin Games will give advice. Additionally, a few pages of material have been reserved as Intellectual Property by AntiPaladin Games, namely the short settings "Farnsley's Phantasm Investigations" and "Precinct '77," so they may not be used or reprinted by you.

Q: Wait. What can I use if I take advantage of the MSSTL and the OGL?
A: Everything except the artwork and logos (except for the OpenD6 logo, though to use that you must comply with the terms set forth in the OGL), and the two mini settings "Farnsley's Phantasm Investigations" and "Precinct '77."

Q: Didn't you just answer the same question twice?
A: Yes. We think that it's just that important.

Q: Do I have to use the OGL to use the Mini Six trademark?
A: Yes. To comply with the Mini Six Standard Trademark License you must also comply with the Open Game License. If you fail to comply with the OGL, then you also fail to comply with the MSSTL.

Q: I don't care about the Mini Six Trademark. Can I just use the OGL?
A: Yes you may. But you may not refer to your work as Mini Six or as Mini Six compatible, and may not otherwise use or refer to the Mini Six trademark, except as needed in the Copyright Notice and Product Identification sections of the Open Game License. (Which you must do.)

Q: Do you have a cool logo for people to use?
A: Not yet, but when we do we will update the Mini Six Standard Trademark license to include it's use along with the trademark itself.

Q: Can you explain part 5 of the MSSTL to me?
A: Be cool. Don't represent your work as a new edition of Mini Six or imply that your work is a non-variant or non-derived work. We'll be cool too. We want you to use Mini Six! Things that we certainly won't deny are titles such as "Mini Six: French Edition" or similar, for translations, and other titles which make it clear to readers that there is another book out there called Mini Six.

Q: Do I have to use the MSSTL if I just want to write about you on my blog, in my magazine, etc?
A: No! Fair use allows you to write reviews and excerpt small passagages without worrying about such things. Of related concern, the OGL might come into play if you publish things covered by it, but unless you're a real ass about it we don't care. The Mini Six Standard Trademark License is intended for print and electronic publishers of game materials.