We're coming out of stasis at the moment. We don't have any special plans to announce because we're lazy, and things will be announced only when they're done.

But boy oh boy, do we know that Mini Six sure needs to be fixed up!

Update: Oops! All the links are broken. I'm fixing it now.

2nd update: I think I got them all fixed.


  1. I liked Mini Six after trying it last weekend (you may've seen my comments on an Open D6 forum) and am interested in buying a print copy, but does your post mean a new version is coming?

  2. Thank you! We can never repay the kindness the OpenD6 community (and Eric Gibson in particular) has shown us. We're shy folks, so the forums and community involvement have been the prime movers of Mini Six.

    We sold out of our original print run recently (last week, sorry) and our plan now is to move to print copies through lulu.com, but we haven't done the work we need to do to make that happen yet.

    I will be meeting with Phil tomorrow and we will figure out the next steps. I don't expect the lulu process to be painful or prolonged but I don't know much about the layout side of things.


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