Nov 5, 2012

Heaven's Shadow

Over at Indigogo, John Berry has created a project for Heaven's Shadow:

Heaven's Shadow is a game about assassins of faith, hunting down and eliminating the ancient Nephilim, half-demon beings who hide in the guise of human beings and sow sin and discord and evil within our society.  
Players take on the role of Shadows, skilled operatives recruited from many walks of life, recruited by an Agency for their faith in the Supreme Director and commitment to protecting the innocent from the machinations of the Adversary's servants on Earth.  
The system is based on Mini Six, the excellent OpenD6 variant developed by AntiPaladin Games, modified to suit the trappings of modern-day supernatural espionage.  Included add-on systems extend combat options, cover planning assassinations, shadowing and following enemies, and other such tasks common in the day to day operation of an intelligence and wetworks operator.  
The book is designed to be short and sweet, easy to pick up and learn, and easy to browse and search from mobile devices like e-Readers and tablets, and will be available in both PDF and EPUB forms, as well as small format print.  Layout is simple and, presently, sparsely illustrated, to make mobile format reading much more comfortable and to allow maximum content within the space provided, and minimize cost.

That looks great, and I'm going to support this right away!

Disclaimer: AntiPaladin Games is not affiliated with this project, we just think it's awesome.