Update on Mini Six in print

Not the news a few of you are hoping to read, but we haven't made any significant progress on the Lulu version.

I expected to have more time available immediately for this project, but that hasn't worked out.

I will update as soon as we get a firm timetable set. If nothing happens within the next few weeks I will at least let you guys know that there's no news.

Sorry about that.

Update: Mini Six is available in print from Lulu.com


  1. I await with eager anticipation!

  2. Looking forward to seeing this in print again.

  3. Was hoping to buy in time for Christmas. Please offer a hardcover.

  4. Any news on this or the Mini Six Supers project?

  5. Mini Six in print is in the editing process at the moment. After this it has to go to layout. It still needs a good polishing. Some clarifications and a few rewrites are going into the updated version as well, but it's not a new edition. I expect editing to be complete at the end of this month.

    The big mistake we made when writing Mini Six was that we did a lot of writing and editing directly in the layout program. That was stupid, stupid, stupid. After that we ended up with several live versions without proper version control which only made things worse. Then we lost the original layout files in a computer mishap.

    This means that I had to cut and paste Mini Six from pdf.

    Cutting and pasting from a pdf is a study in patience. And everyt hin g comes out lookingl i ke this. Except somehow even worse than that. Sorry to bore you with the mundane details.

    I hope to take a few days off work this week or next to make the big push on editing.

    I can't really say how long layout will take because Phil handles that side of things but I would guess about two or three weeks. Then we will get a test print done. That would mean that the earliest I expect it to be ready for purchase would be the first week to middle of March.

    That assumes that there's no interruption of momentum on our part. So it's not a promise (we don't promise release dates.)

    What I can promise is that this product will be available for sale at the lowest price we can offer it at as a print-on-demand product as soon as we can make it happen, but first we want to clean it up to be a little more professional.

    The pdf version will be updated at the same time. If we can figure out other formats (like Amazon, epub, and Kindle), we're interested in that but they're not priorities.

    We were testing a superhero supplement until about a year ago, but that project derailed. We had a project that ended up being sort of super-powered, but didn't model high-end powers well. We may resume it in the future of course, but we have no plan for that right now.

    I believe there is a third-party superhero product that's nearing completion, but I haven't personally seen it.

    I know that this sort of news isn't what people want to hear from us, but that's just where things are at today.

    Thanks for asking though. It's kind of a chore, but we do want to get it out there for you guys and then get on to new stuff. Every time someone asks it gives me a little boost to push forward.

  6. Thank you for the update and I will continue to wait patiently :)

  7. Thanks for the update!

    If you want/need any help with proofreading, editing or layout I can do all of those things, but I'm limited to using Scribus for layout due to everything else costing more than my car.

  8. I'm looking forward to buying and reading a printed version via Lulu. A superhero version would be great, especially one with high-end powers :D ... I loved the DC Heroes RPG.

  9. Is there any chance you guys could make the old one available again on LULU while we wait for the new edition? I won't cost you anything and will let us fans support you by buying print-on-demand copies. Depending on the price, I know I could get at least 2 myself, maybe more depending.

    Think about it, please?

  10. The layout files for the previous Mini Six (which don't exist anymore anyway - they were lost when the original PC they were created on died as did the USB hard drive backup) were not correctly formatted for Lulu.com unfortunately as I understand it. We had them printed by a local shop. All I can say for certain right now is that Mini Six has been handed off to layout, but I don't know what Phil's timetable is.

    This weighs heavily on us - we want to get the physical edition back out there and especially want someone else such as Lulu to handle shipping, as the USPS regularly seemed to lose our shipments in the past, enough so that it made selling Mini Six decidedly no-fun-at-all.

  11. Well I will continue my quest for a used copy then while awaiting the new one.

    Thanks for the update and the honesty :)


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