Oct 3, 2016

Clouds are Lifting - Another Personal Post

I've been able to write again. For the last few weeks I've had at least a few hours a day when I can write coherently. I'm not able to follow conversations sometimes, but that's because they happen in real time and it's hard for me to get words out. I know what I'm thinking but there's a delay getting the words out.

My brain is broadband but my mouth is dial-up.

Writing doesn't have that problem. It's asymmetrical. I can look words up. I have to do that a lot. Sometimes I ask my wife about words which has to annoy her. It took me two days to recall the word virtuous last week. My wife used it in conversation and I was finally able to finish a conversation we'd had two days earlier because my point relied on that word.

Mini Six: Work is already underway. There won't be any major announcements before next year. It will be released by the end of 2017. That's as narrow as I can make it right now.