Apr 18, 2017

Double Email.

I accidentally misused the publisher mailing tools at RPGNow. I was trying to send a message to the folks who have Mini Six in their wish list, letting them know about the special discount available until the 28th (see below), and I believe I forgot to check the proper box, meaning that everyone who got a mailing last week got it instead.

I'm sorry for that. If I've annoyed you, know that I won't do that again! I didn't intentionally spam your inbox.

Apr 7, 2017

Mini Six in Print - Finally!

Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition is finally available in physical print!

Many of you have purchased the book over the years as a PDF, so I've created a discount link which should offset what you've paid for the digital file if you want to "upgrade" to print:

RPGNow link: Mini Six for $7.00

DriveThruRPG link: Mini Six for $7.00

This discount expires April 28, 2017.

Note that this printed edition is exactly the same as the PDF except a few blank end pages have been added due to the print process.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in doing this!

Ray Nolan