Before Mini Six we occasionally released some OSR material. It's all short was technically system neutral except for APG5: The Hex Spider, which was written to be Labyrinth Lord compatible.
These were all written quite a while ago. All files are PDFs, and can be found here.

  • APG11: The Terrors of Pellamshire
  • APG10: The Crossroads of Pellamshire
  • (APG 9 isn't missing - it's Mini Six!)
  • APG8: The Lost Duchy of Gaeleth
  • APG7: The Apothecary
  • APG6: Orcs of the Scarlet Sail
  • APG5: The Hex Spider
  • APG4: The Fair Realm of Oelvane
  • APG3: Ill Gotten Goods (Thanks to Narner for recovering this file for me!)
  • APG2: The Lonely Realm
  • APG1: The Principality of Kedmere