Apr 18, 2017

Double Email.

I accidentally misused the publisher mailing tools at RPGNow. I was trying to send a message to the folks who have Mini Six in their wish list, letting them know about the special discount available until the 28th (see below), and I believe I forgot to check the proper box, meaning that everyone who got a mailing last week got it instead.

I'm sorry for that. If I've annoyed you, know that I won't do that again! I didn't intentionally spam your inbox.

Apr 7, 2017

Mini Six in Print - Finally!

Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition is finally available in physical print!

Many of you have purchased the book over the years as a PDF, so I've created a discount link which should offset what you've paid for the digital file if you want to "upgrade" to print:

RPGNow link: Mini Six for $7.00

DriveThruRPG link: Mini Six for $7.00

This discount expires April 28, 2017.

Note that this printed edition is exactly the same as the PDF except a few blank end pages have been added due to the print process.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in doing this!

Ray Nolan

Mar 28, 2017

Mini Six in Print Progress Update

I've ordered a proof copy.

It will take 4 to 5 days to get printed, then 1 to 3 weeks to arrive. This is my first print product ever, and I used ancient files produced by Phil which weren't designed with this exact process in mind. (I sure wish he was still around - he was the one who understood all of the print and layout stuff.) I expect to hit snags. If I don't hit any, then Mini Six will be available in print on DriveThruRPG in 3-5 weeks. If I hit some it could be any amount of time, up to and including "I have no idea."

  • Best case scenario: Everything is fine.
  • Most likely scenario: There's at least one major mistake, which I might be able to figure out how to fix, but that adds another month or so to the timeline.
  • Worst case scenario: It's garbage, I'm going to have to start from square one and the current edition of Mini Six stays out of print.

Mar 24, 2017

Late Update

I pushed some files to DriveThruRPG for the print version of Mini Six today. There's a whole process involved. They have to submit the files to the printer to see if they are okay first. If they are, I have to order a sample. If that's okay then I can activate the title on the site as in-print product.

It's softcover just like the original small print runs.

They are having some sort of difficulty communicating new files with their printer currently, so that might add a few days. It's very likely I've made some mistakes, and if I have I might not be able to fix them immediately. If all goes well Mini Six could be in print again in a few weeks, this time permanently.

At the same time, I have lost some faith in the pay what you want model and have started traditional pricing for it. Thank you to the folks who have purchased it at any price (including free) in the past. Anyone who has it in their DTRPG library will keep it, regardless of any change to the price that I make.

Jan 6, 2017

Early 2017 Update

Mini Six Revised still lacks a firm commitment. Here's why: I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. The health problems from last year continue to trouble me. It's hard to read and write when recovering from seizures.

Some work is done on it - the "bare bones" of the revised edition is essentially done (that's not saying much since so much is the same as the current edition.) What's still missing are most of the bells and whistles which will make the effort of putting out another book worth it. A "freeform" magic system is underway, and new rules for movement and combat which abstract the action to theater of the mind instead of a battlegrid with minis (with optional miniature rules.)

Also missing is the art (mostly), the new settings (mostly), and of course there's still the layout process to go through when things start shaping up (I'll need a new PC as well.)

All that said - for now progress continues, slowly, and without any firm launch date in mind.

When I reach the art and layout stage, I'll make the decision whether to proceed with a Kickstarter or self-fund.

Preview: I have a little bit of fun stuff to show you. Here's a piece of concept art for a new sample setting I've been working on:

The black rats under the manor aren't officially recognized by the lord. They've been down there for centuries - awakened long before mousekind, but unable to bear the light of day. The manor was built on ruins of a castle which fell into disuse in the 1350's. The lord of that keep had been a man of learning and an accomplished alchemist. Long exposure to the sorcerer's stone kept in his subterranean laboratory awoke them to full consciousness.

Indeed, all of mousekind probably owes the rats a debt, because it was a black rat that intentionally corrupted the experiment of the last human Lord Blythswood using the sorcerer's stone itself - although polite society considers this tale to be a falsehood.

The black rats of the under-manor are said to be immortal, to be completely unable to come into the sunlit outdoors, and to be able to wield magic without the use of elixir. Rumors persist that the ultimate source of all elixir is in their domain, and that at least one group of slavers work exclusively to supply them with the only thing which will sustain them, live mice.

Next Update: Mini Six Revised isn't running on a schedule yet. I will update when there's some progress, I have something to show, or in about a month just so you know that there isn't any progress. Hope to see you soon.