Excuses and an Apology

 Hey, I know folks are ready to see Mini Six BKE released.

Yes, it's still coming, and no it's not ready.

The reason has been that my delay made me take a harder look at it, and some flaws started showing up. So it's been a matter of trying to patch a few things. I'm trying to set the target numbers for the new magic stuff realistically and not make it totally overshadow everything a mundane character can do (with the same amount of character investment/XP.)

That's tough. And it's very much about small changes, because it's easy to go too far and suddenly the question is "why would any player character do this, as is often the case with Mini Six Bare Bones Edition's magic system, or going too far the other way and the question becomes "why would anyone do anything else?"

The new magic system is pretty much the reason for the BKE to be made, and it's taking more work than I expected. I still feel like it may be done "soon" but I don't know if that means a few more weeks, a month, or two months. Sometimes inspiration strikes, and if it does, it may come together quickly. It's all just a matter of tweaking these numbers and making sure the framework I've set up is fully working. I have a playtest group working on things right now, and I've got some good feedback to help, but I still don't have my "grimoire section" nailed down, since every time I've made a change so far, it's fallen apart and had to be remade.

On the license, I don't see anything particularly attractive about the ORC license (though if you see something I'm not seeing, please leave a comment about why I should consider it.) As of now, I intend to release under Creative Commons, though as already discussed, BKE is a framework for a game - so there are no included mini-settings or such. I may release a fuller version at a later date that is more of a full game (note that I said may, not will.) BKE would remain a sort of "SRD-like" document, while the unique parts of that full release would not be released under an Open License. I would update BKE with any rules content, and probably any new statblocks associated, but not the other text.

As for Mini Six Second Edition, there's no plan to start that until BKE is done.


  1. I'm just excited to see the work you have been doing! Take all the time you need to get it right. Our group is firmly in love with the Bare Bones version of the rules, and look forward to seeing the Bare Knuckle edition!

  2. It's good to see updates on the project. Balancing a magic system is a really difficult task, some systems seemingly just give up on it; that's how most absurd character builds are born. I only recently found out about Mini Six, I am very glad that an OpenD6 system is being converted to OGL. Keep up te great job!


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