Mini Six BKE released under CC BY 4.0

I promised that I'd release Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition under CC-BY this year (by May 9th), and I'm fulfilling that commitment.

Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition 0.7 RC2

(The only thing changed in this version is the license has been updated from CC BY-SA to CC BY.) 

You don't need my permission to publish games using it as the basis of your work, as long as you abide by the (generous) strictures of the license.

You can read about the license here:

From my perspective, the thing that I care about most is that whatever the community does with it (if anything), is that creators adhere to the attribution clause: "Attribution — You must give appropriate credit , provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made . You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use."

The underlined part is very important to me, personally.

So don't release anything that looks like it is released by AntiPaladin Games/Ray Nolan. Besides, there's no reason to borrow my "brand" - it doesn't have any name recognition anyway.

About Releasing Your Stuff:

How do I release my own stuff under this license? Answer: I'm not a lawyer, but the following would keep me happy:

"Mini Six: Bare Knuckle Edition © 2023 by Ray Nolan is licensed under CC BY 4.0."

I'd appreciate if this wasn't on the cover of your work, but the license allows you to place that notice anywhere. I'd prefer that it appear on a credits page inside your work, at the bottom or last behind yourself and any other contributors of your work, but that's simply a polite request.

You have to state whether you made any changes. It's fine to refer to the version numbering system I've used. (At the time of writing, the only version released under the CC BY license is 0.7 RC2.) You don't have to refer to the version number. It may possibly become relevant in the future if or when later versions are released.

All future editions of BKE that I release will share the CC BY license (but I may release Mini Six projects that are not licensed that way.) In other words, if it says Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition or Mini Six BKE, it will be CC BY.

If you choose to include a link, I prefer that you link to this site ( instead of any particular page within the site (example of what not to do: Pages move around over the years, but the base URL should be a safe link as long as I own this domain.

What about Mini Six Bare Bones Edition?

That remains published under the OGL. As long as the OGL remains legally viable you may continue to publish under the OGL for that, but note that Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition and Bare Bones Edition are two distinct and wholly separate documents.

The OGL has left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't plan to release anything under that license, but you may continue to do so - but note that any material released within Bare Knuckle Edition has not been released under the OGL. It might be trivial to "convert" Bare Knuckle Edition to something that bares a striking resemblance to Bare Bones Edition, but that would be an exercise for someone else. 

The future:

The core rules of Mini Six, in it's current incarnation, are not quite ready for prime time in my opinion. The CC BY license means that you get to remix them, improve them, and change whatever you want. Or don't, if you like them as it is. You don't need my blessing or permission to make it your own. I expect for anyone who picks up BKE to forge it into something better.

Over the past year I've started down the playtesting phase a few times and I didn't get as much feedback as I'd hoped for. I appreciate the efforts of those involved, but life got in the way and I understand that. Now I'm kind of tired of pushing it. (Please don't take this as a call for playtesters - I don't plan to run any tests in the foreseeable future.)

My heart hasn't been in Mini Six for a while. That doesn't mean that I don't care about it or that I'll never return to it. But passion is a necessary ingredient in creating. Maybe inspiration will strike tomorrow!