Mini Six: Bare Knuckle Edition Release

Today's the day!

Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition is ready-ish.

You can get it here.

This exists (for now) as a Google Docs text-only file.

The future of BKE has no timetable. There is still playtesting going on (especially in the magic system) and refinements, additions, and changes, will come. That's why I've called this version of BKE "0.7 RC1." It's out there now. You can tinker with it, tear it apart, use it to power your own creations or laugh at it. 

Planned changes for later versions:

  • Adding a "grimoire" of rote spells. Until the current magic rules are playtested further, it's too much of a moving target to try to nail this part down.
  • Possibly adding (optional) more detailed vehicle rules.
Where is the print version? I probably won't be releasing BKE itself in print at any point. What I may do is release a more complete game, including art, one or more mini-settings, GM advice, etc. that is powered by Bare Knuckle, but as its own separate product. I don't do deadlines, so don't ask when it's coming.

Mini Six: Bare Knuckle Edition by Ray Nolan is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


  1. It's here!
    The most important change IMO is the success table, as I call it. The difficulty levels have been rounded (Very Easy is 5, Easy is 10 etc.). I like this change; now it's easier to remember, easier for the GM to adjust the difficulty, and it makes failing Very Easy checks possible. Before, VE checks used to feel slightly pointless. Giving the same treatment to the Size table is probably a good idea too.
    As for the magic system, I use a homebrewed spell-as-skill rule but if I ever wanted to recreate D&D magic in Mini Six, I would probably choose this system as a base. The guidelines are clear and would make conversion a walk in the park.
    One thing that I consider a major downgrade from the Bare Bones Edition is a relative lack of optional rules. I know that some had to go because of the OGL but I still miss the Body Points system, attributeless skills and other options.

  2. As a GM, this is great! I'm a huge MiniSix fan and I've playing it for a long time and I was waiting for this release with great expectation. Thanks a lot for giving MiniSix a proper review :-)

    As a publisher, CC-BY-SA doesn't help me at all since I cannot publish a setting for it without releasing the setting description, places and character names under the same license. At least with OGL I could protect these elements by the Product Identity clause. Is there any plan to release the SRD under CC-BY (like EvilHat, DungeonWorld and... D&D did)?

    1. Thank you. You're right. I have a sketch of a plan now. I will write it up in a new post.

    2. awesome :-) Thanks for the reply and, most of all - thanks for MiniSix!


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