Status Update: When Will New Mini Six Stuff Happen?

 Okay, I said that "it wouldn't be long" until I release Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition.

Time has passed - I've cooled off a little about all of the OGL stuff.

One thing that's not going to change is that I'm not going to produce anything under the OGL.

The next release is going to be BKE (Bare Knuckle Edition.) It will be released under a Creative Commons license or the as-yet unseen ORC license. The reason that I'm so interested in the ORC is that I want to see if a license designed specifically for the tabletop gaming community has any benefit.

Maybe it won't. Only time will tell. I'm still patient.

Until then, I'm tinkering. I previewed the replacement for the magic system here a few weeks ago. I continue to tinker with it and I'm trying to add more value, but there's nothing else I want to show immediately.

My plans beyond the release of BKE may or may not change, nothing is set in stone.

For now, I continue to wait to see the ORC. Once that happens, I will begin finalizing BKE while I mull over which license to release under.

Feedback is appreciated regarding the new magic system. Nothing is ever set in stone with a file that can be changed with a few keystrokes.

The part I'm adding is a "spellbook." I plan to create a large list of predesigned spells using the guidelines already released. This list will (probably) be larger than that included in the previously released Bare Bones Edition. This should serve two purposes. First, it will demonstrate my interpretation of how to apply the rules as listed. Second, it will be a pre-compiled list of magic spells for games that don't want to get bogged down with spell design, whether spontaneous or not.

I may include some general advice about magic items. I know they're a huge part of certain genres of gaming, but I tend not to use them too much in games related to Mini Six.