WotC addressed the OGL controversy

 Nothing changes for the future of Mini Six as of yet.

They said something along the lines of “Products released under 1.0a can continue to exist under that license…” (I’m on mobile and can’t bother to find the exact quote.)

What’s unclear is if they intend to deauthorize 1.0a for all new products.

It sounds like Mini Six Bare Bones Edition is safe from any attempt at deauthorization. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to (according to WotC) publish new stuff under 1.0a.

Yes, I still believe that 1.0a can’t be deauthorized. I’m also aware that Paizo has announced that they will take the issue to court if necessary. I've never played Pathfinder, but Paizo's reaction has been exemplary and I'm now a fan.

Mini Six is in a holding pattern until WotC reaffirms that 1.0a can’t be deauthorized. Their PR statement today might be interpreted that way, but it remains ambiguous until they reveal their full OGL plan.

For anything not related to Mini Six, I don’t intend to ever release anything new under the OGL.

Paizo’s ORC license looks interesting, but I wait for details there, too.


And what a condescending shitshow of an announcement that WotC made. It was full of weasel words, gaslighting, revisionism, half-truths, and bald-faced lies. They "always" intended to seek community input, yet their document was clearly designed to go into effect today if the plan had gone forward, and they refused to publicly discuss it until the drama escalated to the current level. There's no way that their pinky-swear that it was meant to be discussed first has any truth to it whatsoever.

I feel for the rank-and-file at WotC. Few employees are empowered to make decisions, and they're certainly concerned with the direction their company is headed in, what it may mean for their jobs, and the huge outcry of anti-WotC sentiment by the community this week must be demoralizing.