Who owns OpenD6?

Edit: 1/9/23

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me or provided guidance concerning this matter. The short answer is that Nocturnal Media is still the owner of WEG/D6/OpenD6. I'm not seeking any more information on the matter but publicly urge the owner to consider releasing OpenD6 under a Creative Commons license (or something similar) in the event that the OGL drama creates ambiguities or ends the current 1.0a license.

Please do not reach out to anyone or send any messages on my behalf. I respect the privacy of all involved and don't want to annoy anyone. I'm happy to receive any news regarding the status of OpenD6 from the owner or anyone authorized to speak for them should they choose to communicate publicly or privately.

It's obvious that until things become official and clear regarding WotC's position, there's no way anyone can definitively say what should be done.

A few years ago Nocturnal Media purchased West End Games and with it, the D6 system and OpenD6 property.

As I understand it, the founder of Nocturnal Media passed away. Nocturnal's website appears to be gone, and a quick search didn't turn up any recent activity or contact information.

Gallant Knight Games have some relationship to OpenD6 in some sort of official capacity, but I'm unsure of the exact relationship. I reached out to them tonight to see if they have any information on current ownership.

The reason I ask is that the credible-appearing leaks concerning Wizards of the Coast revoking the OGL 1.0a would have implications for the OpenD6 world, and by extension, Mini Six. I'd love to talk about it with the owner of OpenD6.


  1. In 2022 a company called magneticpressplay.com also released a TableTop RPG called Carbon Grey using the D6 system and even used the West End Games logo on the front of the books. Maybe worth also reaching out them to see if they can help identify anyone to contact about it.

  2. Some people on RPGPub have suggested the Wieck estate or Purgatory Publishing.

  3. Quick comment here (Alan from GKG). GKG licenses the use of the D6 System directly from Nocturnal Media/WEG. We aren't involved with OpenD6 or the OGL at all, and this won't impact our Zorro RPG or future D6 System releases we intend and are producing. For any OpenD6 info, you'd need to speak with NM/WEG, but I can tell you that they will likely say they'll have to wait to see official documents (like 99% of us.)

    1. Thanks Alan. Yeah, I'm waiting now too. Sorry if my question caused any inconvenience.


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