Update: Mini Six Bare Bones Edition Available in Print

 Mini Six BBE is once again available through print-on-demand via DTRPG. This is still the classic version of the text, with no changes.

Regarding the future of Mini Six, I will repeat what I've said elsewhere: I still intend to forge the future of the Mini Six without relying on the OGL, even though the current drama is done.

BBE will remain in place as-is, but I'm working on "Bare Knuckle Edition," a sister edition similar to BBE but not a twin. (There are some changes beyond "purely cosmetic".) I intended to release it in a text-only form as an open SRD by today or tomorrow, the end of January, but I'm taking some time to add some polish while I wait to see if it's worth waiting for the ORC or to release it under a Creative Commons license.

 After I get to look at the proposed ORC license, I'll know whether or not it's worth waiting, and I'll work on releasing something. It's possible that I might continue to add new rules "modules" later, but there's no promise on that.

Mini Six Second Edition is planned as well, but it's a total overhaul of the game from the bottom up. It has no expected release date.

If you plan on publishing anything using Mini Six, you have three choices:

1. Use Mini Six Bare Bones Edition under the OGL. This likely makes your game part of the OpenD6 family of games.

2. Wait a short while to review Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition. It will be released under the ORC or CC license. 

3. Wait a long while for Mini Six Second Edition. It will probably be released under the same license as the one I select for BKE.