OGL Update - Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition

 You've probably already read that WotC has announced that they won't deauthorize OGL 1.0a. They also said some other things that aren't relevant to Mini Six.

WotC is trying to unburn those bridges. I think that the wider community will forgive them when enough time passes.

As for me, OpenD6 remains under the OGL, and even though WotC has pledged not to deauthorize OGl 1.0a at this time, that's not good enough for me.

My emergency plan to de-OGL Mini Six continues.

I said I would have things done by the end of the month. I could meet that goal, buuuuuuut, I want to take more time to add polish. Mini Six is really unpolished, to begin with, and I'm not promising a super-slick presentation, but I think an extra few days will only benefit the project.


  1. Excited to see this, getting ready to start a new campaign and wanted to see what you came up with for the magic system. Do you think you will be done soon?

    1. Sorry about the delayed response. I didn't have notifications on. I'm patiently waiting to see the ORC license before finalizing a release. My intention is that the magic system as previewed will be the final version, but I'm still gathering feedback, mulling it over, and doing some related work.


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