No Announcement

 Everyone who might visit this site is surely well acquainted with all of the OGL drama.

This morning there was a leak that WotC would make an announcement on DnDBeyond's twitch channel.

Also, we saw another leak, allegedly from an employee of WotC that mentioned how the rank-and-file employees were only recently told about the OGL changes, how disrespectful management seemed toward their customers, and how much attention they were giving to DnDBeyond's subscription cancellations.

I had a subscription at the Master tier. I haven't played 5e in so long that I can't say for certain when my last game was, but it was one of those things where cancellation never crossed my mind because I figured I'd play D&D again (even though I've really fallen out of love with 5e.)

After all of this OGL stuff blew up, I decided to cancel. I was waiting to cancel on the 13th or when they made the announcement official, but I saw that a lot of others were doing it today, so I did my part. I read that some people had trouble canceling because the page that handles that got overwhelmed, but my cancellation went smoothly.

Then I heard that WotC canceled their own video announcement. Canceling an announcement isn't the same thing as announcing a cancelation.

Until WotC (or the court) reaffirms the irrevocability of OGL 1.0a or Nocturnal Media places OpenD6 under a friendly license, I won't be proceeding with the follow-up to Mini Six as an OpenD6 game.

I doubt that any of those things happen soon.

It might come to pass that I get tired of waiting. I can't predict when that will be. I still see value in the OpenD6 banner, from a community perspective, and I want to continue to fly it.

Eventually, if nothing happens, I'll sadly be forced to move on without it. Divorcing Mini Six of OpenD6 OGL content shouldn't be very difficult from a practical perspective, but it's still a hard choice for me because I want the community to know that I acknowledge the foundation of the game - roots that go all the way back to the Ghostbusters RPG, and I still believe there's some intangible value to be had in OpenD6.

So, there is no announcement from WotC today, and there's not one from me either.

My next order of business will be to do something unrelated to the OGL, D&D, OpenD6 or Mini Six. I don't know what that is yet. So again, no announcements. I was bit by the creative bug and just as I started to get into the swing of things, this drama revealed itself,.

I now want to do something that doesn't depend on what WotC or Nocturnal Media decide to do. The first thing I have to do is figure out what that is.