Mini Six is Paused

 You may have seen the OGL leak story unfolding over the past few hours.

I've heard the argument that the OGL 1.0a isn't able to be deathorized. I've read a lot of not-so-expert takes on it, but tonight I watched Roll For Combat's stream "Expert Contract Lawyer Explains WotC's New OGL..."

I find his arguments compelling that 1.0a can't be deauthorized. 

I've mentioned a contingency plan here and elsewhere. That's on hold for now. I know that I had things to say on the matter in a previous post, but I think the best way forward for Mini Six is as an OpenD6 game, and hold out hope for a solution that retains the status quo.

The next version of Mini Six is on hold, in all forms. It's not technically canceled, but I'm not putting any work into it until there's clarity on the situation. It's not under my control when that will be. I'm in wait-and-see mode, and there are only a few scenarios that are likely to motivate me to proceed right away.

I'm pissed off at WotC for putting the community through this - even if they reverse course or never release 1.1. I have no issues with them doing whatever they want with their future content - I wouldn't personally release under 1.1 as leaked, but whatever.

As for the Mini Six PDF up at DTRPG, I'll wait for guidance from OneBookShelf, which I'm sure may be coming soon.

I can't imagine anyone reading this who doesn't already have it, but if you don't please grab a free copy now in case I can't distribute it soon. I believe that it would probably remain available in your DTRPG library as long as you've "bought" a copy there, but I can't guarantee that will be the case without confirmation from OneBookShelf. If it's up to me, I will allow it to remain in everyone's library forever. Still, if you value it, it might be prudent to backup a copy to your PC or device on the slim chance that things are out of my control.

When I know for certain which way the wind is blowing, I'll have another update. Until then, I may be silent.

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See you around.