Dev Update: BKE 1.0 Nearly Done

I made significant progress on the freeform magic system that will be included in Bare Knuckle Edition 1.0 today. It's unlikely that I'll get much done on Saturday but hope to turn back to it the next day. When I get it done, I'll post a preview of Bare Knuckle for anyone who wants to comment.

As a reminder, Mini Six Bare Knuckle Edition 1.0 is intended to be the rules (and only the rules) for what Mini Six Bare Bones Revised Edition would have been before the OGL drama, with the following exceptions:

  • No additional rules (other than the new magic system.)
  • No OGL content or OpenD6 dependency.
It will be released under a free license, but I may let it "simmer" for a little while to collect reactions and comments. The truth is that I'm very interested in the ORC license, and think it's worth it to wait a short while before deciding on a final license. I'm far from committed to the ORC, but if we receive a timeline in the next few weeks and it has compelling features, I have an open mind. Otherwise, I will release it soon under the Creative Commons license.

BKE 1.0 is similar to (but not a 1:1 clone of) the rules that exist in Bare Bones Edition. It would be trivial for a third party to modify them into a virtual clone of BBE if they preferred that format.

With the future of the OpenD6 system unclear, and the future of OGL 1.0a almost certainly complicated, some third party might be tempted to use BKE to "retro-convert" to something resembling a classic, full game published in the 1980s and 90s. I would support that effort, but I'm not the person to lead that charge. Once BKE is released in an open format, any legal efforts made by someone else to improve on, modify, remix, or "retro-convert" it wouldn't require my approval, but I'd be happy to see it happen.

Shorter updates on related projects:
I've been talking to the folks at DTRPG (and re-reading some old messages.) I believe that if my print proof looks okay, I will be able to put Bare Bones Edition back into print. I expect that to take about a month to work out if there is no problem.

Mini Six Second Edition isn't actively being worked on right now, since I'm trying to get BKE 1.0 finished, but I've also been unable to stop thinking about it completely. So, ideas continue to be created. Hopefully, by this time next week, it can be my full-time project.


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