Mini Six is Currently Out of Print

DrivethruRPG reached out to report to me that there is a problem with the Mini Six print files. It seems that someone ordered a few copies and they appeared faded. This is the first time that has happened since the POD version has been available - my test copies appeared fine, but DTRPG did make a few changes in the print process since then.

To the customer who received one or more bad copies, my apologies.

They sent me some technical instructions on how to correct my files, unfortunately, I don't have those. Phil did the layout and he and his original files are long gone. Not only that, but I know nothing about layout.

The plan going forward:

I'm going to learn something about layout. I have the plaintext and I think I have the art files for the game.

Since this is the holidays, I don't expect to even start until January 2023.

Since I'm going to be starting over from square one, I see no reason to do the exact same thing twice, so yes, Mini Six Revised is going to happen, but it won't be soon (expect summer or fall of 2023.)

What to expect:

  • The same general rules.
  • A less dense layout.
  • More whitespace.
  • More examples.
  • Different mini settings. 
The magic system will probably get a major overhaul.

If I can figure out how to fix the current version of Mini Six in print along the way, I will restore it, but it's not a high priority right now.


  1. It really sucks that you have a lot of work to do to fix the issue but it's really awesome for you to do that and also look at doing a revised version as well. I'm super appreciative and looking forward to it!


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