Developer Diary 3

I've spent late nights reading documentation and watching tutorials. Tonight, I managed to spit out some basic PDF files. They weren't game content - just filler text in a simple test layout I was mocking up for an unrelated project.

But, at last, I think I'm able to let go of some of my anxiety regarding layout.

Things are disrupted at home due to the holidays. I can't commit to anything really until sometime next week, but my next order of business is to turn to content. Layout will come much later, but I had to get a basic grasp of that before I could assure myself that this project can get somewhere.

The other concern I have at the moment is art. I don't want to simply reuse the art from the current edition. I also don't want to do anything like a Kickstarter, because I don't want to be managing yet another first for me. So, I'll be figuring out what I can do with a limited budget. It's not time to commission anything yet anyway. I want the text content to be nearing the finish line before I do that, even if that delays the project.