The RPG Kickstarter curse?

The medical condition which has caused me trouble lately has been progressing in a disappointing way. Reading or writing for more than a short while has been hard due to the medicine. My driver's license has been temporarily suspended (medical, not a DUI, I swear!) After missing a few weeks of work, I'm back. Luckily I've been able to ride to work with a coworker.

I'm normally pretty good at my day job. Not so much now. I'm under tons of restrictions which make me a pain in the ass. My boss has been very understanding. I'm grateful. Things should improve in the next few weeks or a month or so.

Tonight my cousin who is only two weeks older than me and had the same condition passed away, which is definitely not the expected outcome for me, but it's hitting hard for obvious reasons.

Mini Six Revised is still in the works. Usually it seems the way these things work is that a little guy like me announces a project, throws it up on Kickstarter, then they flake out or legitimately face a major life issue and everything get delayed interminably. I always suspect that the creator has frittered away the campaign money or learned at the worst time that finishing a project is harder than starting it (or both.)

The vague "I have health issues" explanation seems to be the most common choice when this happens. I feel guilty by association playing that card at this time, but there's the saving grace that the only thing I'm doing at the moment is causing disappointment since there hasn't actually been a Kickstarter campaign.

I've written before that I'll only launch a campaign if it's as airtight as I can make it, and this current episode is only making me commit to that more.

There's been a little progress on Mini Six Revised since I wrote last, but much less than I'd planned to have by the middle of the month. Work continues and I'll continue to update. Expect an update again before the end of the month. I don't know what, if anything, I'll have to show at that time, but I do want to touch base.

PS: To the reader who asked about the OSR files, oops! I moved hosts and forgot to change things around a while ago. I'll have to recover them from an old hard drive. I'm sorry!


  1. As much as I'm looking forward to Mini Six, Your health is much more important. I really appreciate the updates. I hope you get well soon.


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