Not much to update. Maybe some musings, personal and otherwise.

Since I wrote last I had about a week where things seemed to be getting better. Of course there was a setback or I wouldn't have open with that.

I'm epileptic, and even though things were okay for decades, my brain is older and not dealing with things so well now that it's had some miles put on it. I had some seizures, I lost my license (until I go a certain period seizure-free), medical restrictions at work which complicate things (not to mention getting to and from work), and it turned out that the medicine I'd been for a long time is now known to cause brain damage.

So I've been trying various new medications. I'm still taking the old one - you can't just quit, but when I find a new one that works I'll go off the original one. This hasn't been so great. Apparently I'm one of the "sensitive" ones who experiences some of the more serious side effects. I'm in what seems like an everlasting try-a-new-drug loop. Conveniently, they all have roughly the same side effects.

So over the past few weeks I've had the interesting experience of not knowing people's names even though I've known them for years, had a lot of trouble finding the right words, had difficulty walking at times, and with coordination, and describing my thinking as "cloudy" seems like an understatement. I've had embarrassing emotional outbursts in public, and just been downright weird. Oh, and I'm exhausted. I don't simply get tired easy, I wake up exhausted most days and it gets worse from there.

I use abuse caffeine by the gallon to get by.

The reason I can write normally to some degree is because it's not in real time and I can edit, edit, edit.

It's not the disease causing all of these issues, it's the drugs. Trial and error is sometimes the only way to do this.

The reason I'm making this public is because if? (when!) I run a Kickstarter campaign, this would be part of that "Risk" category at the bottom of the page. I like transparency in the people I do business with, so there you go.

Of course, it's almost to the point with RPG Kickstarters that they should have some boilerplate down there under Risk which says something like "Warning: the people behind RPG KS campaigns are notoriously flaky. Expect delays to triple or quadruple the schedule for delivery, and multiply that by three for a first campaign."

Today is the start of another drug. With luck it will be an improvement. I'm tentatively hoping to keep my plan to attend Gen Con on Saturday this year, so if there's any cool Mini Six related thing anyone knows of (I expect not), let me know.

A year or two ago I was at Gen Con (actually this was probably a little longer now that I think of it), I found a copy of the first print run of Mini Six for sale in the consignment bin of the auction. That was bittersweet. It was cool to see my name on a book tucked in with other "real" RPGs, but to get there someone had to have bought it from us but decided it wasn't for them. I failed that gamer. I got over it, but still.

I bought it on that Sunday, for $1.00 since it was obviously not going to sell. I still have it somewhere.

Now when I go, I always check the consignment bin. Those 600 copies are rare in the wild, but I still look. I haven't spotted one since.

Finally, Michael H. wrote a flattering review of Mini Six, and the game had an unusual uptick in downloads this week. Related? Thanks Michael!


  1. Ray, I'm sorry it's been a tough row to hoe. I hope the medicine starts working better for you. I enjoy Mini-Six and use it for my one shot games. Good Luck & God Bless.

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