A Complication, and a Way Around It

This isn't the post I thought I'd be writing yesterday.

My quest to revise Mini Six has become a little more complicated, but I've figured out a way around it. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I have a health condition which is flaring up again and causing a less-than-negligible amount of stress. The thought hit me, what  if I was in the process of running a Kickstarter campaign and this happened? What if I had difficulty following through with delivering the book because of this?

I've seen and supported Kickstarter horror story campaigns which didn't go the way they should. The truth is that KS has become a way for one-man operations like myself to leverage support through the gaming community to produce what we couldn't otherwise, but there's a risk to a one-man operation. Especially in the tabletop gaming industry where dreams often conflict with reality.

My way around this is to have absolutely all of the work which can be done ahead of time done before launching. This means that I need a complete manuscript before day 1 of the campaign. Writing Mini Six Revised isn't my only responsibility though. A lot of it comes down to project management.

So I'm going to also do as much of that management ahead of time (and have a plan and timeline in place for everything else which can only be done after launch.) In theory, I'm going to set everything up to be on autopilot which I can. Finally, my wife, Amy, is going to take over the rest in the event that there's a serious problem which prevents me from continuing. She's more than capable of doing so - she's a long time gamer, and she is better at managing my affairs than I am.

That's all a very unlikely worst case scenario. The upside to all of this is that when we launch our KS campaign, all I'll have to do is the remaining management. That management is by no means trivial, but it's going to run as smooth as it can and there's going to be a "punch sheet" of every step along the way.

When I have my plan in a more concrete form, I'll share it with the community before the campaign. Then everyone can play along as the tasks are completed along the way.


  1. I am one of those that did not get an email. However, I would be interested in a revised version of MiniSix. The format size doesn't matter to me much. What I would like to see is expanded genre support and just plain more material. However, too much more would cramp it's charm. I would love more spells and expanded vehicles for example.

    1. I'm working on a way of having my cake and eating it too with a revised Mini Six. Possibly a Mini Six similar to what we have now (but some tweaks) and a Mini Six Expansions (not the name I'd ultimately use) which added the optional modules to the game. So Mini Six would still be the little game we know, but there'd also be the customization book with the ways to make it your own. I'm still thinking on it though.


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