Mini Six Update

I've made some progress on Mini Six projects this summer.

  • I have obtained a PC and the software I need to do layout. Unfortunately, now I have to learn to use that software.
  • I've typed most of Mini Six into a text file - the original files went missing long ago. Due to strange formatting, copy-and-paste from the existing PDF wasn't practical.
  • I've cleaned up the text. I have several more improvements in mind for the eventual revamp of Mini Six.
When I finally revamp it I intend to release it digitally and in print through I'm not setting a date for when that revamp will happen. When I know it's close, I'll certainly put the word out. Until then it would be best to think of this as something that I want to do, but there's no true commitment.

This revamp won't be a second edition, simply a revision, though it may have some expansions within it. The magic section is likely to get some serious tweaking.

Mini Six has moved to a "pay what you want" price structure. That has generated a little income - enough to get that inexpensive PC. The existing version will remain available as pay-what-you-want indefinitely (which happily includes $0.00), but the new revision will likely be a paid product at a low price-point.

I'm not accepting submissions for publication at this time and don't plan to in the future. (I get this question every few weeks.) I don't even know how to properly lay out product that I want to do myself. Mini Six falls under the Open Game License, so with the exceptions of the Pharnsley's and Precinct '77 mini-settings, you can do pretty much what you want without needing my blessing as long as it is allowed by the license itself.

This all sounds more passive aggressive than I intend. I'm full of gratitude for the support you guys have shown me. If you've emailed me and I haven't replied, please accept my apologies - I'm terribly shy, even through email, and your comment fell through the cracks. Thanks for putting up with me.

I lurk on /rpg on Reddit and I chime in there when the rare Mini Six question comes up.


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