Mini Six Temporarily Offline

Mini Six will be available on RPGNow / DriveThruRPG soon - in a day or two. It will be available exclusively at that store. Don't worry, it's still going to be free, or actually "pay what you want."

I've removed the download links here. As soon as it is approved I will update the site with the appropriate links.

And that means that it has gone out of print again. The Lulu link should no longer work. I will eventually get around to making it available in print at RPGNow, but I don't know when.

With Phil out of the picture, my motivation to work on APG projects has crumbled. There's nothing on the agenda at this time. I'm not seeking collaborators or to publish the works of others - though since Mini Six is licensed through the Open Game License there is nothing that keeps others from publishing their own works that utilize Mini Six and I encourage it.

This isn't the end of APG, but an admission that right now nothing is going on.