Mini Six is available for download again!

It's available for pay-what-you-want (including for free!) at RPGNow.

I'm relieved. I felt pretty bad about the state of Mini Six yesterday, and now I feel a little better.


  1. I just found D6 and recenty discovered Mini 6. Please consider making it available as POD on DTRPG soon. I usually only click with games once I have read them in print. What you have here really looks interesting and worthy of shelvespace! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Marcus

      I'm trying to learn how to handle layout now. I intend to offer it in print when I can

  2. Just to say thank you for a wonderful game which I discovered quite recently. Finally I have a generic space opera game in the style of WEG d6 Star Wars - and a whole bunch of other awesome games, too! :D
    I must have downloaded it prior to 'pay what you want', but if I get a game going I'll aim to chip in a donation as thanks.


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