Breachworld RPG Kickstarter Campaign is live!

I owe Jason Richards an apology. The Breachworld RPG Kickstarter Campaign has been live now for a few days and I haven't told you guys about it.

Breachworld is a post-apocalyptic  anything-goes RPG based on Mini Six. The full rules are included, so you don't need a copy of Mini Six - it's complete.

The setting is one where other dimensions have entered Earth through it's failed Gate (teleporter) technology sometime in the far future. There are factions in the world that want to close the breaches, but the game doesn't blindly assume that the player characters are with them. The game isn't written with any particular assumption about what the characters' motivations will be. As far as I know, this is the first published sandbox-style game for the D6 system.

The games I'm tempted to run:
The players set up a kingdom centered on the ruins of Old Louisville.
Become heroes of the resistance, and drive back the aggressive races from other dimensions.
Explore an abandoned mega-complex, a vault containing old technology.
A group of epics (power-wielding beings) form a guild and build their reputations as mercenary "wizards."

This is a case of a reasonable Kickstarter plan. Mr. Richards has done his homework and seems to be anticipating the inevitable hiccups that happen when you bring a project like this to life. I'm looking forward to August.


  1. A playtest Beta by 8/31 would be awesome. A KS backer playtest can only help the final product and couple months between beta and final is not a problem for me, or I suspect for others - most especially if the playtest PDF is rocking.



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