The Mighty Six has been released!

I'm pleased to pass along the news that Mighty Six Enterprises has released The Mighty Six, the super powered RPG based on Mini Six.

From the description on RPGNow:

You know you want to.
How often do you get a chance to race a supersonic jet, take a rocket propelled grenade smack on the chin and crack a smile, or arrive just in the nick of time to save the entire universe? Never right?
Well now you can.
Play Mighty Six, the super powered roleplaying game compatible with AntiPaladin Games' free and fantastic Mini Six Bare Bones Edition (a trademark product of AntiPaladin Games).
Mighty Six weighs in at over 160 pages jam packed with four-color fun! Including:
  • Fast  and flexible rules for making super heroic Mini Six characters, from street level vigilantes to god-like galactic guardians.
  • Over 80 super powers with rules for combining powers and generating your own.
  • Over 100 new Perks and Complications
  • Dozens of new Skills
  • Incredible illustrations by Paul Hosek and Jason Armstrong (Spiderman, Green Lantern)
  • An action-packed adventure, with maps and NPCs. Part mystery, part battle royale, 100% evil-butt-kicking good time!
  • A fully detailed Who's Who of some of the Mighty-verse's most famous heroes and villains, ready to use as either PCs or NPCs 
  • Character Sheets with multiple heroic silhouettes to choose from, so YOU can illustrate your very own hero (or villain), right on the sheet!
  • Astounding Action! Abundant Amusement! Annoying Alliteration!
  • And so much MORE!

You can purchase your copy from RPGNow.

I've got a copy of it. It's beautifully illustrated but I haven't had the time to really sit down for a detailed read. I hope to do a full review of it soon, but it looks fantastic.

Good luck Mighty Six Enterprises!