Long Overdue Update on Mini Six in Print

I just handed over the text for Mini Six to Phil for layout. This means that one stumbling block has been dealt with but there are still several obstacles to overcome.

Firstly, I was so late in handing over the text that Phil and I haven't really discussed Mini Six much lately. I don't know what his schedule looks like right now. Just because I belatedly turned this in doesn't mean that it's at or even near the top of his priority list right now.

It's been handed off to layout. That's not the same thing as saying that it's in layout. I set my schedule, Phil sets his. Also, Phil will review the text I gave him and considering the edits I made, he might choose to kick it back to me or he might want to add to it.

Secondly, it's our intention but not our promise to add a little bit onto the end in the form of an additional mini setting or two, and those aren't done yet. We have to see what layout looks like before we're able to settle on a final page count which will determine if and to what extent material will be added. There's no plan for anything breathtaking. Just a few pages at most. Honestly, the mini settings won't hold up the project.

Phil will let me know when he gets far enough along how many pages we will have available for additional material and how much we must extend in blocks after that. For example, suppose that Mini Six came in as 41 pages in the new layout. Phil would suggest that we need 7 pages to bring it to 48, and that if we went past 48 that 56 and 64 pages would be the next logical break-points.

Then Phil and I will have a pitch meeting and we will decide on exactly what to do in those last few pages. We will divide the writing assignments by interest and decide on a deadline. Then we'll adjust for reality.

When we tackled Mini Six before, what eventually evolved into a Farnsley's Phantasms was originally my assignment, which I had conceived as modern day ghost hunters who bought their equipment from the surplus of a failed franchise from the 1980s. My version fell flat, Phil reworked it and turned it into something better than I had. Even all this give and take only took a week or two.

In summation, a minor milestone was crossed. It's temporarily out of my hands and Phil hasn't even had a look at the state of the text as of yet, so it may fall back in my hands or he might tackle a revision of the text. And I can't promise when the layout will land on his priority list. (Phil's a pretty busy guy.)

Phil or I will update again when we have something to say.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone.


Update: Mini Six is available in print from Lulu.com


  1. Thanks, looking forward to seeing it when it's ready.

  2. That's good news, indeed!
    Mini-Six is one of my favourite game systems. :)

  3. I just ran my first game of Mini Six using the Empire in Revolt setting and we had a blast on Google Hangouts.

    I knew I would be a fan, but even so I am pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the easy mechanics and so forth. The setting, we could not help but enjoy as we kept renaming things from some of our favorite space fantasy film series to throw in there.

    Thanks! Cheerfully keep looking to the bright future!


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