Stormglass (Updated links)

Ron Fricke has released Stormglass, a setting which uses the Mini Six rules:
"Stormglass is a setting combining three things I love, Steampunk, Cowboys, and the Stargate TV shows and movies.
The first document, Stormglass, is a summary of the setting with rules addons specific for the setting.
The second doc is JN001 The Jungle World, a guide to one of the many worlds you can visit by stepping through the Stormglass."


  1. Hi, i tried to look at the setting but the link seems broken :P

  2. It appears that the linked site is down. Let's hope this is a temporary issue.

  3. The ste is down, here are soem links you can use:
    Main book

    JN001 the Jungle World
    Ray, can you change to these addresses in the main part of the article? I don't know when will be back up.

  4. Love Mini Six and was wondering if you could update the links for Stormglass. I keep getting routed to a generic sky drive page. Either that or maybe get it put on

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have a good link for this independent project anymore. :(

  5. Anyone still have these books that can upload them somewhere? All link's I've found are busted.


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